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About means i am online, it is a world class product designed and developed by Shinetheweb Softwares Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar, The product has 3 dynamic fields or area.


In IAMO application we are providing many modules to professionals to manage their professional and personal data securly onine. Like they can manage their daily task called My To-Do-List. Every day a professional can add personal. Official, Social, Important or Year Goal in his To-Do-List and can manage the task status as Complete, Progress. Using the T0-Do-List a professional can organize his/her daily work and process. Next module is the Finance module. In My Finance Module a professional can add daily expenditure and daily income and can make his finance report, in finance module there are sub modules like Finance Alert [Monthly, Yearly], Len-Den Account, My Finance Target etc. We can also set Monthly range in each unit of finance to get alert like you can set in Petrol to range 2000 so when ever you are adding expenditure in petrol it will show you graph for alert. In My Meetings a professional can add a meeting and can invite number of people to meeting page through free SMS to notify wheather they will present or not. Also after complete meeting Initiator can add meeting notes. My Address Book You can add address book and can invite user to give their details throught SMS link sending, It will also give you alert of Birthday and anniversary of users in your address book. In My Diary ypu can write your every day diary and keep it save onine. You can see Year Holiday list. In My Alerts You can set personal or some event alert to send SMS in specific defined time to any phone number. Like to wish friend in their Bith Day. To Alert you own tsk on certain date that you do not forget. In My Document you can create different category of folders to keep your data.


With IAMO big application for professional we are also providing professional a unique and professional web presence with their own personal website. In personal website a user/professional can keep his/her resume, Bio Data, Videos, Gallery Pictures, Experience, Articles and more. As well user will have a Contact me page where any one conatct user will get SMS alert and mail. A professiona can ask for testimonials to friends and others, If anyone give testimonial it will reflect in webste. User can also post daily activities that will show in their website. Just get an online presence so you can visible to the world and can tell the world what you are ??


We are provind the IAMO Business area for interested users to earn something online, that the earning will reflect in their wallet and it will come to their bank account every month. If a user interested can use the IAMO Business area to click advertisemetn (PPC) and can visit website and read contain to get some payment in wallet. User can earn from PPC, Survey, Idea Sharing, Advertisement, Add Sharing etc..

In IAMO in a single platform we are providing major modules that a professional use to maintain their professional time and money.